Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Poets Of Today Are The Pillars Of The Future

The Sunday Six #8: Relatively Twenty-First Century

Fig. 1. Tina Barney - The Dining Hall, 2001

Fig. 2. Douglas Gordon - Proposition for a Posthumous Portrait, 2004

Fig. 3. Leandro Erlich - Swimming Pool, 2004

Fig. 4. Flavia Da Rin - Untitled, (Oh!), 2005

Fig. 5. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller - The Killing Machine, 2007

Fig. 6. Chris Burden - Urban Light, 2008

'The image, in its simplicity, has no need of scholarship. It is the property of a naive consciousness, in its expression, it is youthful language. The poet, in the novelty of his images, is always the origin of language. To specify exactly what a phenomenology of the image can be, to specify that image comes before thought, we should have to say that poetry, rather than being a phenomenology of the mind, is a phenomenology of the soul, we should then have to collect documentation on the subject of the dreaming consciousness.'

Gaston Bachelard