Friday, February 12, 2010

Things That Appear Only As They Are Disappearing

Caspar David Friedrich - Woman Before the Rising Sun (Woman Before the Setting Sun), 1818-20

Physically, too, she had altered. Her blue, almond-shaped eyes, grown longer, had not kept their form; they were indeed of the same colour, but seemed to have passed into a liquid state. So much so that, when she shut them it was as though a pair of curtains had been drawn to shut out a view of the sea. It was no doubt this one of her features that I remembered most vividly each night after we had parted.

Marcel Proust (from The Captive)

We Are Made To Mourn, Sang The Scottish Poet ...

If I'm design'd yon lordling's slave,
By Nature's law design'd,
Why was an independent wish
E'er planted in my mind?
If not, why am I subject to
His cruelty, or scorn?
Or why has man the will and pow'r
To make his fellow mourn?

Robert Burns - from Man Was Made to Mourn: A Dirge