Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sad Aristocracy Of Mild-Mannered Ascetics

Fig. 1. Monsieur Hulot (Jacques Tati) - Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, 1953

'Real misanthropes are not found in solitude, but in the world; since it is experience of life, and not philosophy, which produces real hatred of mankind.'

Giacomo Leopardi

Addendum: The Sunday Six: Part One (Relatively Recent)

Fig. 2. Eduardo Costa - Lygia Sleeping and Dreaming (Portrait of Lygia Pape), 1997-8

Fig. 3. Erwin Redl - Matrix II, 2000-3

Fig. 4. Philippe Parreno - The Writer, 2007

Fig. 5. Tadashi Kawamata - Catedral de Cadeiras, Ville de Reims, 2007

Fig. 6. Lottie Davies - Quints, 2008

Fig. 7. Marco Perego - The Only Good Rock Star Is A Dead Rock Star, 2008