Sunday, November 2, 2008

Don't Erase Your Head, Just Its Limits

Fig. 1. David Lynch

'I am very interested in meditation (in particular, transcendental meditation), and this is a technique, a mental technique, that allows any human being to dive within. And why in the world would we want to "dive within"? Why would we want to experience subtler levels of mind and intellect? Because, at the subtlest level of intellect, we transcend, and we experience an unbounded ocean of consciousness: the home of all the ideas: modern science's unified field, where anything that is a thing had its origin. And it's a field of pure creativity. You grow in this, and life gets better. Ideas flow. Intuition grows. Negativity begins to recede. Anger, fear, anxieties, sorrows, depressions - all these things that restrict the flow of creativity (and it's like a heavy, heavy weight on us) begin to lift away. That's what I'm interested in. And I'm interested in making films.'

David Lynch (interview at FNAC Ternes, Paris, 3rd February 2007)

Your Ears Will Orgasm #1 (MixPod Player)

Lykke Li - Youth Novels, 2008